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Express Yourself 08: Are We Becoming too Sensitive?



   Hello follow expressionists how are you? Well, after the recent drama that took place two week ago with the Spoony situation, as well as most of the people online posting their own opinion on the matter, I feel it’s the best time to bring this issue to the community.  No, I do not mind the whole Spoony Drama-I mind Jokes people made that other might find funny, while other might find it to be sexist, racist and downright bullying.  And, in the PC world, one must ask the question, “Have we gotten over sensitive?”

    The reason I am bring up this topic, is a review I have seen on The Bunny Perspective. His review(or in this case a rant on a Christmas special Jeff Dunham had done a few years ago). Now, for those of you who don’t know who Jeff Dunham is, He’s a comedian/ puppeteer who makes his living by doing stand up comedy using puppets he had made himself. I have seen two for his shows on DVD and find them to be very entertaining. When I found out that the Bunny named Phil did a review on his Christmas special, I was glad he could fill me in on the goodies of the show. To my shock, he hated it.

He explains that Jeff Dunham is a racist, sexist, and unfunny-threw out the entire show and how much the show was was an hour and twenty minutes of padding. He then showed clips of the special to back up his point. Now to be fair,  I do not think Jeff Dunham is a racist or a sexist and, even though I respect and understand some of the points that the Bunny was trying to say in his video, I do believe his review was more of bunny not liking Jeff Dunham than the act itself. Also, too be fair, Jeff Dunham himself had stated he walks the fine line in what is funny and what is downright offensive. So yes, Jeff Dunham does walk a very thin line when performing his act and, as far as the special is concerned, I can’t say it good or bad but the ones I did see were funny, and his interview and commentary about his work is interesting. So no I don’t think he’s a racist. Dose he make fun of everyone? Yes. But does it offend? No. In any case, I will leave a link to the bunny review on this subject and let you decide for yourself whether you agree with his review on not.

    This leads me to ask, have we gotten too pc looking at things that are not even there? Can comedians from the past be considered funny now despite their material being over the top and offensive? Where do we draw the line? And when do we say to ourselves that what they are saying is all in good fun?  When I was growing up, I had to understand that some of what my favorite comedian was saying was talking about some of the experiences. it was funny mostly because I myself had experienced some of them in my life at one point or another. Some of the comedians have talked about race in their act and although it was made for laughs, it was clear the person was being real with what he was saying in his act.


    Motion picture has the same problem as well. Movie like Transformers and Star wars have been accused of having racist character in their movies. I never notice these characters as being racist when I had seen these movies largely because they weren’t. In fact I haven’t really thought about it until others had mentioned it on their videos and blogs. And I keep thinking really? You think that those robots which I myself did not like, and Jar- Jar was racist? Sometime I think we want a reason for hating a movie or a show we had once held dear to our hearts.

    From me I understand that when it comes to movies as well as comedy there are gonna be things people will find funny as well as offensive. Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, and Paul Mooney have made a living being over the top and offensive. Then again others like Dave Chappelle had his work questioned, and even felt the used of the N world was going a bit too far. Even Mooney, himself, had said in a interview that people should not claim that word and that the word is nothing offensive to put down people of color. Others of course disagree. They say that a person has the freedom to say what’s in their show and if you don’t like it, then change the channel. Some of you reading this blog may agree while others will say that celebreties, as well as movie makers, have the responsibly to make sure their work is not overly offensives as well as sexist.

All in all, many people will have different opinions of this matter and I’d like to hear yours. So, do you think the world have gotten too insensitive? Or do movies and comedians need to stop saying and doing things that could be offensive toward others? Give your opinion. Express yourself.

By Jockerlee 77

2012 Manic