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   Hello fellow Net Dweller and Expressionist, and welcome to the first of a two part review on my Goldfinger. Why two parts, well I feel that just review the movie was simply not enough. Lot of events had taken place before and doing production of making the 3rd James Bond movie and I feel it only fair to cover the events before given my overall review of the movie. So without wasting anytime let get started.

    With the success of both Dr. No and From Russia With Love, Bond mania was in full swing. People all over the world were talking about the first two movies and could not wait to line up for the third. . New shows and merchandise was made. And Sean Connery had become a person woman wanted to be with as well as a person men wanted to be. Yes the James Bond franchise was clearly reaching its peak within the entire entertainment world. And just how much of an impact it had within that world of Hollywood; plenty.

    For starters merchandise for the Bond franchise was out of control. Everything from books to toys to rain coats (Yes they actually was selling 007 rain coats even throw I do not remembered Bond ever wearing one in any of the movies) was being sold all over the world there was radio show and comic books based on 007’s adventures. There was however the car which still to this day is use in some of the Bond movies; the Aston Martin which made its first appearance in Goldfinger.

   The franchise had given renewed interests in the spy genre in both television and movies. Movies such as Our Man Flint and Secret Agent Danger Man and the theme song Secret Agent man owns a great deal to the Bond Franchise. And although spy show had been around before 007 had came into the picture. It was the franchise that took the spy genre to the nixes level.

   Now let not forget about fans. And boy what a fan based the Bond franchise had. People ranging from children to adults could not stop talking about James Bond and how they could not wait for the nixes movie to come out. To see 007 goes on his nixes adventure more importantly to see who was the nixed bond villain will be. With the all buzz going on round the franchise it was a shoe in that a 3rd James Bond movie was going to be made; But when? Most importantly which Ian Fleming novel will the movie be based upon. For that answered we have to look at what went down behind the scene in the making of Goldfinger.

     When both Harry Saltzman and Albert R Broccoli had decided to turn Ian Fleming novels into movies they wanted Thunderball to be the first in the franchise. However a lawsuit had prevented them from doing so and decided to make Dr. No as the first Bond movie. It was the same with in making the 3rd movie but yet again the lawsuit between both United Artist and Kevin McClory was still being held in a high court. So both Saltzman and Broccoli had decided to make Goldfinger as 3rd installment in the James Bond Series. With an already schedule releases date, and a three million dollars beget one may think that all was smooth sailing. But sadly that was far for the truth.

   First there was the changing of the director. Both Terence Young and the producers was in talk in directing the film, but that fell through once they could not come terms as to how much money Young should get in directing the movie. So Goldfinger was given to director Guy Hamilton who was originally asks to direct Dr. No only to have him turn it down. Some people had voice their concern over the changing of director but Sean Connery was not. He’d knew Guy Hamilton and felt he could bring a new style to Bond the world have yet to see. Guy Hamilton was also knew Ian Fleming for his days in the navy in World War II. With that the concern of a new director had somewhat calm down.


   There was also the issue of the theme song. The producer wanted to have a theme song doing the beginning credits of the movie. John Berry composed the score while working alongside with Leslie Bricusse, and Anthony Newley in writing the lyrics. They then gotten Shirley Bassey was chooses to do the vocal. One it was done and Hamilton had hard the song form himself he was over joy and thought it was just what the movie needed. However Harry Saltzman thought the song was horrible and had lift him in odds with Berry. The producer had argued with Berry that was no way the theme song could ever catch on and ordered Berry to do another theme song. This angered Berry but eventually decided to work on a new theme song for the movie. This of course never happen. With the movie getting so close to the releases date there was simply no time to come up with a new theme song for the movie. So the Shirley Bassey Goldfinger theme song was put back on. I don’t need to tell you how much of a good thing they did not change it, at less not on this blog anyway.

   Then there’s the controversy in one of the castrator as well as a scene that will forever be link to the James Bond franchise. First let’s talk about the scene where a nude woman was laying dead on the bed cover in gold pant. Now to use its not a big deal and that we had see worse that movies have to offer. But in the 60s it was a big deal. Especially seen the Bond franchise had mixed’s of older and younger viewers. This scene also clarified that 007 was never met to be for kids and the movie Goldfinger should only be seen by adults and not by young children. And then there’s Pussy; Pussy Galore that is. A name so out there that even the director as well as the producers thought they would have a hard time getting the name by both the American as well British censors. They was even considering of changing the name to Kitty Galore but with the help of some British tabloids as well as being little friendly with some American politician the name stay and roll of this castrator was given to Honor Blackman who was already well known for her role as Cathy Gale in The Avengers.

Finally there came the Passing of Ian Fleming. Who died on August the 12 1964 of a heart attack just one month before Goldfinger was to be release in theater nationwide. With all this happen going on one could wonder if this movie will be a major hit or a major disappointment. All of the worries was quickly forgotten once the movie finally open in theaters.


The line to the movie theater was huge. People were line up to see the heavily anticipated movie. A movie that was destined to be a smash hit just one tickets sells alone and ye one must ask was it all worth it? With all of its problems, the tragedy, the hype was it worth all this attention and star status Connery had gotten from being a part of this movie? Well I will give you my thought on the matter in Part two of this Goldfinger Review but entail then you take care and be safe.

By Jockerlee 77

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